Make sponsorships count

Sponsoring is one of the more traditional ways of marketing that often businesses resort to by default, in response to all the sponsorship requests they receive. In a small country like Malta, turning down all sponsorship requests can get you a bad reputation. So businesses often find themselves signing up to help local causes, television… Read more »

Put PopSockets on it!

You may have heard of PopSockets. And if not there’s a good chance you’ve seen these little things somewhere, stuck to the back of someone’s phone. A bunch of celebrities have been spotted using them. But heck, it’s not just the rich and famous that have fallen in love with these infamous gadgets! PopSockets are… Read more »

Water really does taste better with the Retap Bottle Collection

The Retap collection consists of the Retap bottle, carafes and water glasses. Retap Drinkware is especially designed to drink tap water. Retap brings a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide water at your workplace or home. If you’re one of those people whose job includes attending a bunch of meetings, you’ll be pretty familiar with… Read more »

Bag it up!

When you’re doing brand marketing you need to always dig into your bag of tricks! You’re always looking for the little things that help you #makeyourmark and get your message across! Here’s a page out of our book of secrets: and it’s about the shopping bag. Nothing sells your brand better than your own customers…. Read more »